Organic Waste Recycling Scotland

Organic Waste Recycling Scotland

Organic waste, also known as biodegradable waste is simply a natural type of refuse that usually comes from animals, microorganisms, or plants. Organic waste can is biodegradable and it can be broken down into simpler organic molecules. At Sky East UK, we provide onsite organic waste processing services for breweries, wineries, distilleries, farms, and other businesses that handle organic waste.

We understand that organic waste mainly exists in either liquid or solid state. Most of the organic wastes tend to add up minerals and nutrients in the soil for fertility and supporting plant growth. However, inappropriate disposal of this waste can cause severe damage to the environment. This is why we offer services for processing farm waste or other organic residues.

Why Landfills Are Not Ideal For Organic Wastes

Most organic products may seem harmless enough because they are natural. However, there can cause serious harm when they are disposed in landfills. Because of lack of oxygen, organic wastes tend to undergo aerobic decomposition when they are buried in the landfills. As a result, methane is generated, which is released into the atmosphere. Nobody wants to generate a greenhouse gas that is 20 times more potent compared to carbon dioxide because of a flawed disposal solution. Our organic waste processing services eliminates the disposal of organic wastes in the landfills.

Recycling of Organic Waste

Organic waste recycling is simply the process of management of organic waste where it is converted or recycled into useful matter using a range of recycling techniques. Thankfully, organic materials do not have to end up in the landfills. There are many techniques for recycling of organic wastes that are eco-friendly and advantageous instead of being damaging and wasteful. At Sky East UK, we transform all organic waste materials into EasyChar that can be used in a variety of applications.

Benefits of our Organic Wastes Recycling Services
  • Our organic waste recycling services helps to divert waste products from the landfills.
  • Our EasyChar can be used to grow plants in healthy soils containing biochar produced from organic waste materials.
  • Adding EasyChar to the soils boosts its retention
  • Biochar rich soil can help in balancing the soil pH levels.
  • EasyChar production can help to save money and lower or eliminate the costs of buying soil conditioners and bagged manure.

Waste collection involves a variety of wastes including organic waste. At Sky East UK, we will work with you to ensure that you get the best waste management services at a cost-effective price that suits your business and personal needs. Whether you are running a big or small operation, we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to provide personalized organic Farm Waste Recycling services.

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