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The Immense Advantages of EasyChar

Biochar is basically a form of charcoal that is utilized as a soil amendment. Biochar has a similar appearance to charcoal, but it is not used as fuel and has far more benefits to the environment. In addition, mulch, and compost, biochar is also becoming an increasingly sought commodity in the agricultural industry. At Sky East UK, our biochar is known as EasyChar. Read on to know more about EasyChar and how it affects soil and the environment.

How Is Biochar Produced?

Biochar production is achieved through pyrolysis, which is a process in which agricultural wastes like crop residue, manure, and plant matter is heated in a zero or low oxygen environment. The carbon that is absorbed within organic materials during photosynthesis will be captured and transformed into a more stable solid form. This results in a highly porous and fine-grained charcoal or EasyChar that aids in retaining water and soil nutrients, while boosting soil biodiversity.

Different types of biochar can be produced based on the type of organic material that is used and the temperature reached during pyrolysis. Every type of biochar will have its own unique benefits. Biochar that is produced from manure tends to have a richer content compared to biochar produced from wood chips. However, wood-based biochar will degrade more slowly and will persist for a long period of time.

Higher temperatures will yield biochar, which has a higher absorption capacity. This means that the potential for the biochar to absorb and retain toxic substances like mercury is increased. Biochar can come in different forms such as ash, pellets, and sticks for those who are looking for Biochar for Sale Near Me.

The benefits of Biochar

Our EasyChar offers benefits just like other organic materials; however, it tends to be a more permanent alternative. Because of its chemical nature and increased porosity, our biochar can attract and retain water and nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

Application of EasyChar in depleted soils that have inadequate water supplies and few organic resources can help to boost soil fertility and helps in preservation of nutrients. Gardening with Biochar ensures that plants get all the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

On a larger scale, biochar can impound carbon in the soil for hundreds or even thousands of years and this prevents carbon from being released into the atmosphere. Biochar produced gas and oil byproducts that can be utilized as clean and renewable energy sources.

EasyChar also helps to reduce soil acidity and retains a noteworthy amount of nutrients from the source. Since it attracts and holds nutrients, use of biochar helps to lower fertilizer requirements, which cannot be achieved by customary organic matter. This helps to minimize the cost of organic and chemical fertilizer.

When used as a soil enhancer, biochar systems tend to become carbon negative. Biochar will retain carbon in the ground for years and this helps to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. As a result, Biochar can help to reduce Co2 Emissions from Farming.

As you can see, our EasyChar has immense benefits to the soil and the environment. At Sky East UK, we can help individuals and businesses to transform their organic matter into EasyChar that can be used to enhance soil fertility, while protecting the environment.

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