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Professional Organic Waste Management Services

The production of beer involves blending of extracts of hops, malt, and sugar with water. This is then followed by subsequent fermentation with years. In the brewing industry waste water and solid wastes like spent grains, spent yeast, diatomaceous earth slurry, and trub constitutes a major problem. Even with years of substantial improvement in the brewing field, waste disposal is still a major problem for most breweries, distilleries, and even wineries. Waste disposal in the brewing industry remains critical from an economic and environmental standpoint.

At Sky East UK, we offer onsite waste recycling services for the brewing industry. If you hire our Waste Recycling Services, you are assured of:

  • Enhanced landfill diversion rates
  • Enhanced sustainability rates
  • Reduced costs of waste service by eliminating heavy and wet organic matter from waste bins
  • Contribution to the production of premium quality EasyChar that can be used for home gardening, agricultural purposes, green roofs, and to boost properties of other organic fertilizers.
Environmentally-Friendly Services

At Sky East UK, we will partner with your brewing company to reduce the amounts of contaminated or expired waste that is generated during and after the production process. We will recycle your organic brewing waste responsibly and transform it into new resources thereby creating a win-win situation for everyone. We strive to use environmentally friendly organic waste recycling processes that will protect our environment by reducing the production of methane gas. You can trust Sky East UK to offer a secure and confidential service that will assist you in managing the reputation of your business, while recovering as much resource as possible.

Caters to All Business Sizes

At Sky East UK, we provide comprehensive organic waste management solutions for all sizes of brewing companies. Our team will carry out waste audits to help determine the right Food Waste Recycling Machine that will cater to your needs. We can you’re your brewing business improve sustainability rates without conceding your goals.

What Brewery Waste Materials Can Be processed?

Our organic waste recycling equipment can process all brewery waste products and other organic matter produced by wineries, distilleries, and breweries. We will recycle all your spent grain. We will convert all organic waste products into biochar that can be used for a range of gardening and agricultural applications.

Why You Should Recycle your Brewer’s Waste Into Biochar

Quality biochar like EasyChar is in high demand and can also be profitable to produce. Materials sent to landfills usually have a major disposal cost associated with it and this can be expensive for most brewers. With many European countries eliminating wastes being sent to landfills, and the US following suit, soon, you may be required to divert all organic wastes from the landfills. With our Food Waste Processing Machine, you can produce biochar that can help improve your soil.

Trust the Best Brewer’s Waste Recycling Company

Is your business or brewing factory looking for an organic waste recycling company? EasyChar organic waste management system is ideal for all your brewing waste. This is a proven technology that has been used in different fields and will deliver excellent results. With our organic waste recycling services, you are choosing the most economically viable and greenest solutions and avoid consigning wastes to landfills or large holes in the ground.

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