Tradmark of environmentally beneficial
organic soil supplements.

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Our Mission

is to make practical application of environmentally
beneficial technologies economically viable and
affordable for mass usage.

Our Goal

is to involve the maximum number of farms and
businesses to convert their organic waste to

What is so special about EasyChar?

Sky East UK owns a production technology of unique product that we call Easychar.

Easychar is a key ingredient for all products
supplied under our trademark.
Easychar belongs to biochar family.

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This technology significantly
reduces costs of Easychar

Our company has exclusive rights to produce and
distribute the product and looking for long term
cooperation with customers.

Why our production costs are lower than for
other biochar-like products?


Our product is produced from waste of different food production businesses. These raw materials are easy available and in majority of cases does not cost much.


We use specially designed equipment, which allows us to minimise necessary costs in many ways.


These two factors allowed us to develop unique technology and arrange supply chain in an optimal way to further minimise logistics costs.

Possible areas of Application

Agricultural purposes.


Mixed with soil or any other fertile medium reduces required quantity of fertilisers and extends soil’s fertility.
We observed cases when the same growing medium stayed fertile over 2-3 years without additional fertilisation.
We are happy to cooperate and test the material for applications at vertical farming and other smart agro-technologies.

Home gardening.


Mixed with compost Easychar brings a long list of benefits for the end users. Composts work longer and better.

To improve properties of other organic fertiliser.


Mix Easycahr with worm castings or manure based fertilisers to make soil fertile and productive over longer period

For green roofs.


Green roofs and walls are taking root around the world. Easycahr is ideal soil enhancer for growing medium applied at this area! Due to Easychar natural characteristics it minimises efforts to keep the surfaces green and alive.

Waste recycling service

Our company offers on site waste processing service for distilleries, breweries,
wineries, farms and other businesses dealing with organic waste

  • we build a tailor made equipment for you
  • as smaller amount of waste you have - as small the equipment will be
  • as the result of the operation you get an environmentally beneficial soil enhancer which you can either sell to local public yourself or leave it for us and we will distribute it further
  • there are no any costs for you to install the processing equipment
  • We expect to get a service fee from you based on amount of waste you reprocess

CO2 responsible farming

Due to natural properties of biochar
and specific of Easychar production

Reprocessing organic waste to Easychar help
to reduce amount of Green Houses Gasses

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Converting waste to Easychar is carbon
negative way to reprocess organic by

Application of our technology is effective way to save
the atmosphere and probably the most carbon
negative option to deal with organic wastes.

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To encourage businesses to apply our
technology we introduced “CO2
responsible farming”
label for food and
drinks producers who converts their
waste to Easychar.

“CO2 responsible farming” label – is a
proof that a supplier takes efforts to save
the planet.

The label is licensed and gives the
business certain marketing advantages.

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